Video: Save Money By Driving More Efficiently

Eco driving tips - Which? guide

Fuel prices are regularly going up. This video explains five eco driving tips that will reduce your fuel usage and save you money. The tips include how to drive, car preparation and how to accurately measure fuel consumption.

Video: How To Check Your Tyre Pressure

Tyre Pressures: Tyre Safety - Continental Car Tyres

Fiona Leggate, the British auto racing driver, explains the importance of having the right air pressure in tyres. The wrong pressure in tyres can seriously affect the handling and braking performance of the vehicle. It also affects the life of the tyre and fuel consumption. With proper tyre pressure, fuel consumption can be lowered saving you money. This video offers clear instructions on how to maintain correct tyre pressure.

Video: How To Change Your Car Tyres

How to change a tire - Change a flat car tire step by step

Find the spare tire from under the cover in the trunk and unloosen the mechanism holding it in place. Hit the tire a couple of times to make sure it is full of air.

Remove the tire. Take care because it can be heavy.

Take the jack and reflective warning signal out also. Set the warning signal about 15 feet from the car and block the wheel on the opposite side of the flat tire with a stone or brick. You are now ready to change the tire. The jack may be tight and need loosening to remove the handle. Some jack models have the lug wrench built in.

Video: How To Change Your Oil + Replace Your Car Oil Filter

ViewDo: How to Change your Car's Oil

Changing your oil is the single most important thing you can do to minimize wear and tear on your engine over the life of your car. It is not necessary to have it professionally done because you can easily do it yourself. For the cost of about six oil changes, you can get the equipment you need to do it yourself.

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