Video: How To Change Your Car Tyres

Find the spare tire from under the cover in the trunk and unloosen the mechanism holding it in place. Hit the tire a couple of times to make sure it is full of air.

Remove the tire. Take care because it can be heavy.

Take the jack and reflective warning signal out also. Set the warning signal about 15 feet from the car and block the wheel on the opposite side of the flat tire with a stone or brick. You are now ready to change the tire. The jack may be tight and need loosening to remove the handle. Some jack models have the lug wrench built in.

Loosen the lug nuts before jacking up the vehicle. Once it is up, it is almost impossible to loosen the nuts. If there is a hub cap, take that off first. Position yourself firmly and push the lug nuts counter clockwise. They should not be too loose, just enough to get them started. If they seem too hard to crack, position yourself so you can use your knee or foot for more pressure.

A common scissors jack moves up and down by the large screw on the end. When you turn it to the right the car will go up and to the left it will come down.

The jack needs to be positioned on a good part of the frame. The owner’s manual will indicate what the best place to position a jack is. Once it is in place, turn it by hand until it makes contact with the car. The jack handle is used to raise the vehicle. Insert it into the jack and start turning clockwise to go up.

Jack up the vehicle. Do not put hands or legs under a vehicle that is being jacked because the car could fall. Jacking may take some time, so you should work carefully and be patient.

Once the car is jacked up, you can loosen the lug nuts. Since they were pre-loosened, they will come off easily by hand now. Keep them close by so they don’t roll away.

Remove the flat tire and set it out of the way. If you are in a place with heavy traffic, it would be better to put it to the rear of the car.

Take the spare tire and center it on the wheel studs. When it is in place, put the lug nuts on as tightly as you can by hand, and then tighten them with the wrench until they are firm but not too tight. If you try to tighten them too tight, you may knock the car off the jack.

Insert the jack handle back in the jack and turn it counter clockwise to lower the vehicle. This also takes time but is easier than going up. When the jack is not touching the car you can close it by hand.

Now that the tire is on the ground, you can use leverage to tighten the lug nuts as tight as you can. Do not tighten them in order. Start with the one at the bottom and then do the one at the top. Then back to the bottom and do the ones on the sides.

Once the spare tire is on the car, be sure to put everything back in the trunk. It is not wise to use excessive speed on a spare tire, so get the regular tire fixed as soon as possible.

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